Sigmacryl Ecoplus Primer

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White pigmented wall bases based on Acryl / alkyd hybrid binder.

  • Eco-labeled white pigmented primer
  • Intrudes well, with no running trends
  • Ensures evenly sucking bottom
  • Good coverage, often you can save a workflow
Weight: 3,75

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White pigmented wall backgrounds with EU flower eco-label, based on acrylic / alkyd resin emulsion. Used for priming gypsum, concrete, aerated concrete and sparted and plastered walls. Provides good anchoring for subsequent treatment on both coarse and fine porous and slightly infectious surfaces.

Intrudes well and has a capability that often saves a workflow and thus saves working time and costs. Part of the system with Sigmacryl Ecoplus mat (gloss 5) and Sigmacryl Ecoplus satin (gloss 10).

NOTE: Criteria for obtaining the EU flower are the same as criteria for obtaining the Nordic Ecolabel within internal paints and varnishes. This product therefore also meets these criteria.

Size: 2.5 liters and 10 liters

Color: White


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