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Marmoleum Click panel is made of water-repellent HDF with a sound-absorbing back of cork and 2.5 Marmoleum upstairs.
Thanks to the natural ingredients, it is a good choice for both you and the environment.

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Forbo Marmoleum Click
Our Marmoleum Click tiles are durable and easy to maintain. The smooth surface is easy to clean while its beautiful colors do not fade over time. Marmoleum Click is available in 23 colors and 3 different sizes, which gives great design possibilities, which can help to create your very own unique floor.

Thickness: 9.8 mm.
Length direction: 30 x 30 cm and 60 x 30 cm
Assembly: Winding 5G locking system
NCS: S 3502-Y
LRV: 37%
Content per Package: Marmoleum Click 30 x 30 cm tiles are supplied in boxes with 7 tiles - 0.63 square meters.
Marmoleum Click 60 x 30 cm panels are supplied in boxes with 7 panels - 1.26 square meters.

It's easy to get it to click
Marmoleum Click is quick and easy to mount as it is clicked together with the special spring and groove locking system. It's easy
to create a nice floor in a short time because Marmoleum Click panels are wide and without visible joints. The winding 5G locking system
provides a secure, glue-free installation. Put it, go on it. Of course we also mount your Marmoleum Click floor if you prefer - see more here!

The requirement for the dossier is:
Plant = +/- 2 mm at 2 meters straight
Stable and can handle the expected loads
Dry and damp insulated
In the case of inorganic substrates, moisture barrier is always used.

There is always a complete assembly guide included in each box of Marmoleum Click panels.
You can also find a link to the installation guide below.
Forbo Installation instructions.pdf
Forbo Cleaning instructions linoleum and vinyl private.pdf
Forbo Marmoleum - NCS - LRV.pdf
Marmoleum Click technical specifications 2016.pdf
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Color differences and yellowing - "drying chamber film"
Since linoleum is made from natural raw materials, there may be minor deviations in color and structure between the different production series, samples and delivered goods. If you are in any doubt as to whether the product is within tolerance with regard to color and structure, you must contact the store where you purchased it before installation. If you choose to mount Marmoleum Click in only one color, then small shade differences that are within product tolerances will become more visible even where products from the same batch are chosen. When mounting in only one color, we recommend that you take products from the same batch and keep you within max. 100 cash register differences. Batch and box numbers are on the side of each package. NB Color and structural differences will always be because linoleum is a natural product, but you can often prevent the visibility of them by mixing the products from the packages to be mounted in the room. It is therefore very important that materials are checked before it is mounted, so that any problem can be taken to the forefront. Linoleum can have a yellowish hue when unpacked. It can e.g. mean that a blue coating has a greenish glow. The phenomenon comes naturally through the curing process - the "oxidation" of linoleum, and it is called drying chamber film. The yellow tint is bleached away in normal daylight, and the time taken to travel depends on how much light the coating is exposed to. Usually it takes from a few hours up to a few weeks before it is completely gone.