Herringbone park Oak Rustic with studs 16x68x408 mm.

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Herringbone park in solid oak. In the pictures, the stick appears with & without oiled surface!

Model: 1668408ERK
Weight: 11

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Rustic parquet

Supplied with fer / groove and must be stitched or glued to the subfloor.

This parquet rod can be mounted as ordinary parquet flooring, herringbone pattern or pane pattern. Knots and small wind scratches can be sputtered with Casco Wood Filler before the floor is sanded and treated.

Dimensions: 16x68x408 mm.

Content per package: 1 m2 / 36 rods

The parquet rod is mounted with parquet adhesive, find the item under related items in the bar above.

Each package contains just as many right and left rods for herring leg assembly.


Installation Instructions