Rubber flap Norament 825 - 0716 Slate gray


Rubber flap Norament 825 - 0716

Model: 1902-0716
Weight: 4
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Rubber flap Norament 825 - 0716

Tile size: 50.1x50.1 cm.

Thickness: 3.2 mm.

Content per package: 5 m2

Height of lozenges: 0.5 mm.

The tile is fire approved.

Rubber floors from Nora Systems are recognized worldwide. Who doesn't know Norament with the pastilles? Nora's rubber flooring is available in several series and with special functions such as IMO approvals, electrical conducting, special fire protection approvals, etc. In addition, Norament molding stairs are available, which are designed to fit on stairs.