Own ReForm Memory Ecotrust


Remember to write the color number on the carpet tile you want to order before you put the item in the basket.

You will find the color number under each picture.

Model: 0767
Weight: 3,05

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The combination of a complex, multi-level structured loop and digital coloration gives the Memory Ecotrust collection a unique look. Memory Ecotrust includes three designs, each available in 9 architectural colors. The color palette is composed of bright, slightly darker and completely dark shades that can be combined to reflect the social aspect of the office environment. The different shades and accent colors can be used to delimit areas, show way, etc. Designed by Carol Appleton.
The carpet tiles consist of Ecotrust felt backing and tile fronts. The Ecotrust felt back pages are made from recycled water bottles. An innovative manufacturing technique transforms the bottles into a soft yet strong PET felt material that is durable and has excellent acoustic properties. At egetæpper we use Aquafil's Econyl yarn, which is made from used fish nets. Once the fish nets have been collected and cleaned, they are physically and chemically degraded and transformed into solid and durable carpet yarn.



Structure: Tufted loop arrows structure fabric

Gauge: 1/12

Pile material: 100% regenerated Econyl PA6

Color method: Millitron colored

Back: Ecotrust 350, 100% recycled

Dimensions: 48x48 cm.

Content per Package: 4,1472 m2

Total height: Approx. 8.5 mm.

Wear: Approx. 4.0 mm.

Stud number: Approx. 213,000 pr.m2

Total weight: Approx. 3.050 g / m2

Pile weight: 950 g / m2

Soil protection: Yes


Suitability tests

Areas of use: 33 - Business - Powerful use

Warranty: Contract certificate

Areas of use: Class 33

Scroll wheel type: Yes, constant use

Staircase: Yes

Antistatic properties: Permanently antistatic

Personal charge: Antistatic

Step sound attenuation: 25 dB

Acoustic absorption: 0.25 aW

Floor design: Approx. 0.15 m2K / W

Light fastness:> 5

Rubbing wetness:> 3

Rubbing dryness:> 3-4

Wateriness patterned / molten:> 4


fire Classification


DIBT AbZ.no .: Z-156.601-441

ASTM E-648: Class 1

ASTM E662: Approved

VKF / AEAI: Approved

EN 13501-1 Euroclass: Bfl-s1