BerryAlloc Original - Elegant Nature Oak

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Model: 62001238
Weight: 8,7

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BerryAlloc constantly develops and perfects new technologies within laminate floors and these
are collected in the Original Collection. It is the only product on the market that combines it
strongest aluminum locking system with a high pressure surface that is useful in areas with much
traffic and expensive housing

Dimensions: 198 x 1207 mm.
Thickness: 11 mm. incl. 2 mm. mounted surface
Substrate: Alloc Silent System
Core material: HDF - Aqua resist
Surface: HPL High Pressure Laminate
Mounting: Aluminum locking system
Content per package: 1.9119 m2
Weight per unit package: 16.7 kg.
Warranty: Lifetime for residential use and 10 years for business
Usage class : 23/34

Clear advantages of Alloc Original:
Unique aluminum locking system
High Pressure Surface: Suitable for heavily populated areas
Locking strength: 1200 kg / lm (far above average locking systems)
AquaResist: Resists surface water
Base: Extremely quiet floor, thanks to the pre-mounted SilentSystem
Very nice decor, also suitable for expensive housing
Possibility of installing 225 m² without spaces

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