Pressure-treated terrace boards 28x120 mm.

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32x125 mm. (28x120 planed target) pressure impr. pine decking.

  • 300-540 cm.
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Wood is a natural material and it can therefore not be expected that the colors are the same for all the planks supplied. The tree can swing from being dark brown / deep red to almost golden. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display the color play exactly on images or smaller samples as the planks are never the same.

Since the quality of the wood is always slightly oscillating, one must always count on approx. 5-7% extra for cutting waste if there is anywhere to cut something.

On many boards, there may be "stream marks" from the storage. These marks will disappear over time if the terrace is not treated. If the terrace is to be oiled, we recommend that the terrace be sanded lightly before treatment and any power signs disappear.

The advantages of pressure-impregnated patio boards are many. One of the benefits is the price. Pressure-treated patio boards are a cheap but good solution.

If the boards are treated properly, you will get a terrace that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Pressure-impregnated decking should be treated as the absolute minimum with a suitable timber guard every 2 years.

Pressure-treated pine decking

Dimension: 28x120 mm. planed target. The boards can vary +/- 5 mm.

Consumption: 8 meters per m2

At least 100 meters or 13 m2 must be ordered.

If a specific length is desired, it can be stated in the comment field during the booking. However, there is no guarantee that the boards can be delivered in the desired length.