Pergo Modern Plank Vinyl - Dark River Oak Premium

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Incomplete oak with a soft touch from the general patina effect. The brown color brings in the heat.

Model: V2131-40086
Weight: 17,5 kg
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The ideal choice for home use.

With phases and the PerfectFold ™ V click system for easy installation.


Technical info:

Wood type: Oak

Phase: Phased edges on all four sides

Material: Vinyl

Fire class: Bfl-s1

Surface protection: TitanV ™

Formats: 1512 x 210 mm

Mounting method: Click with PerfectFold ™

Click system: PerfectFold ™ V

Warranty: 20 years

Quality level: Premium Click

Vinyl Wear layer: 0.3 mm.

Thickness: 4.5 mm

Content per package: 2.22 m²

Planks per Box: 7

Installation Instructions

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