Pergo Quickheat 55 2x1 m.


Pergo Quickheat 55

Weight: 12

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size 2 x 1 m

Pergo quickheat is the smart and easy way to enjoy floor heating. It should not be cast down into concrete and be installed without difficulty - you can even do without an electrician. Just roll out the quickheat mats with built-in heating cables and click them together. Mount the thermostat and safety box on the wall and connect it. It's that simple. In addition to the heat, Pergo quickheat also gives a nice feeling when walking on the floor, so there is no need for another surface. By supplementing your primary heating system with Pergo quickheat you can usually lower the temperature 2 - 3 degrees compared to using radiators. The timer that comes with the system can be set to 5 + 2 days.

55 W / m²
220 V 50 Hz (European plug)
Max. load: 10 A
(2300 W at 230 V)
Maximum mounting area: 42 m.
Suitable for 5% ~ 95% relative humidity
Thickness: 8 mm
Thermal insulation: 8 W / m2K