Pergo Wide Long Plank Sensation - Siberian Oak, Plank

45.04 per 1m2
€132.96 per pack
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€13.98 per 1m2
€41.28 per pack
Model: L0334-03568
Weight: 23,616 kg
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If you are looking for a floor that transforms your space into something impressive, then there is good news for you. A magnificent floor in every respect. The size of the individual planks brings the room to life and emphasizes the natural look of the Sensation floor even more. Like all other Sensation floors, Wide Long Plank has a detailed surface and a matte finish that highlights the natural character of the wood.

Elegant, romantic look from dents and cracks and soft pastel design. As part of our Pergo Sensation collection with AquaSafe technology, it is virtually indistinguishable from real wood and has exceptional protection against water. This laminate floor comes with a silky matte finish and lifelike cracks and knots thanks to Genuine™ rustic – a surface texture that highlights details such as cracks, knots and scraped effects. The feeling of wooden planks is further enhanced by the bevels along all four edges. Living Expression is a Pergo quality level that is perfectly suited for general use in private homes.

Gloss: Matte
Formats: 2050 x 240 mm
Thickness: 9.5 mm
Beveled edges:
Beveled edges on all four sides
Content per parcel:
2,952 m² - 6 planks
Surface: Genuine™ wood
Surface protection:
Click system:
PerfectFold™ 3.0
Quality level: Living Expression
Nordic Swan label/PEFC
Warranty: 25 years
Moisture resistance: High
Scratch resistance: High
Wear resistance: Class 23/32
Fire class: Cfl-s1
Antistatic: Yes
Underfloor heating:

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