Paladin® 3 mm base plates

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Model: 401024
Weight: 1,5

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Paladin® 3 mm base plates
Use under: Laminate, parquet

3 mm sound-damping subfloor for laminate and parquet.
Paladin® is perfect as an insulating, smoothing and sound-damping substrate for laminate
and parquet floors.
Paladin® is made from 100% wood residues and is therefore very environmentally friendly.
The green Paladin® sheets are easy to cut with a regular craft knife and have a size
59 x 79 cm, which makes them easy to handle and install. There is 13,98 m² in one package.
Other advantages of using Paladin® are that the plates do not lose more than a maximum of 1 mm
thickness after use for some time and thus retain their sound-absorbing, insulating
and smoothing properties.
• Sound damping
• Thermal insulation
• Leveling capabilities
• Easy installation
• Environmentally friendly

Content per package: 13,98 m2

Installation instructions Paladin 3 mm.pdf