Universal primer - UZIN PE 360


Priming of absorbent substrates. Dispersion primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Primeres ready for use. For heavily absorbing subfloors, it can be mixed with up to 3 parts of water. Provides good adhesion between subfloor and putty layer.

Model: 3601000
Weight: 10
Availability: In stock

Field of application:

  • Before laying cement and gypsum based filler
  • On substrates of cement and plaster as well as anhydrite and lime plaster
  • On substrates with stuck adhesive residue and gl. screed
  • NOTE! Not suitable as primer under anhydrous parquet adhesive


  • Binds the dust
  • Fast drying
  • Reduces the suction capacity of the substrate
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Consumption: approx. 75 - 100 g / m²