Professional Microdispers

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Professional Microdispers

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product Description

Professional Microdispers is a primer for concrete, lightweight concrete, plaster, gypsum board and paved surfaces, inside and out. Professional Microdispers have good penetration on absorbent substrates and improve adhesion for subsequent paint treatment.

The substrate must be clean, dry, firm and sustainable for paint treatment.

Untreated plaster, concrete and aerated concrete must be firm and dry (uniformly white-dry), and free from fouling. Sludge layers, form oils, wax and curative agents, grease and the like must not occur on concrete surfaces and must be cleaned before treatment.
Professional Microdispers are applied by brush, roller or syringe. Do not apply the product at temperatures below + 5 ° C or at high relative humidity (> 80%). Do not apply the product in direct sunlight or by prospect of precipitation or dew formation within 2 hours after application.

  • Row capacity: 8-10 m² / liter
  • Number of applications / treatments: 1
  • Drying time (hours): 1
  • Packaging: 10L
  • Clean tools with: Water
  • Tools: Brush, Roll, Spray