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In this category you will find chipboard and insulation panels with tracks for floor heating from the leading suppliers in Denmark and the Nordic countries. If you are looking for a product you cannot find here, you must finally contact us, we can get you the most at the best prices.

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Jackopor® sheets

Jackopor® is Jackson's trademark for expanded polystyrene (EPS). With Jackopor® insulation, a construction is obtained that is well insulated.

Jackopor® is used for regular terrain insulation and is laid on a drained surface, such as a sand cushion, with subsequent concrete casting. Jackopor® is capillary breaking and prevents moisture migration from the substrate.

Jackopor® is handled without discomfort and discomfort to the eyes, airways and skin. Combined with the very low weight, Jackopor® is a lightweight material to work with. With insulation of Jackopor®, the construction is not only well insulated, energy consumption for heating or cooling is also reduced. The result is a home with warm and good indoor climate.