22 mm. Novopan floor heating chipboard to 16 mm. tube

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Floor heating chipboard to 16 mm. tube


Model: 3840-1342934
Weight: 17
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5 day(s).

22 mm. floorboard for installation of floor heating from Novopan.

All our plates are with double ferry and groove, for efficient and stable installation.

Our floorboard is designed for 16 mm. floor heating pipes and 16 mm. heat distribution plates.

The floorboard has an effective laying target of 1820x620x22 mm. - 1 plate covers an area of 1.12 m2

Remember to buy aluminum heat distribution plates and hoses. We also have all other accessories.

Remember to read the installation instructions before mounting. Here you will also find information on the consumption of hose plates etc. See the instructions here.


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