30 mm. Jackopor EPS Floor heating plate to 16 mm. snake

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Jackon Jackopor 250 floor heating plate 30x600x1160 mm. 16 mm. hose cc200

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Dimensions: 30x600x1160 mm.

Consumption: 1.43 plate per m2 - 3 pieces are needed. heat distribution plates per heating plate!

A warm and comfortable floor provides good comfort and a better indoor climate. Many older buildings have too little yellowing in relation to the demands made today. Floor insulation is often a good investment and is done easily, quickly and efficiently with Jackon floor heating plate for waterborne heat.
Jackon floor heating plate is made up of an insulation plate in Jackopor 250 (EPS)
Jackon floor heating plates work both as tracks and turntables. Therefore only one plate must be used for the entire floor. This makes mounting incredibly easy. Remember also to buy Aluminum heat distribution plates, you will find them here.

Product Features:
- Insulating
- Pressure resistant
- Insulation of floor using waterborne heat