Tarkett Prestige Oak Antique brushed, hard wax oiled

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Prestige is phased on all 4 sides of the boards.

Model: 7877048
Weight: 7,9

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Prestige has a sophisticated and naturally worn look. A special "anti-brushing technique" causes the floor to look as if it has been marked by sun, sand and wind. It gives both a soft and rustic appearance at the same time.


Thickness: 14 mm

Width: 190 mm

Length 2200 mm.

Wear layer: 3.5 mm, can be sanded 3-4 times

Phase: Mini phase on all four sides

Content per package. 2.51 m2

Surface treated with Proteco Hardwax Oil


Easy to install with 2-Lock locking system

Can be used with floor heating

Adapted to the Nordic climate with its large differences in humidity between summer and winter