Moland Burghley Wideboard - Oak, Cappuccino, UV matt, Trend

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Moland Burghley Wideboard - Oak, Cappuccino, UV matt, Trend

Model: 2062030/13189269-1
Weight: 9

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Burghley Wideboard - Oak, Cappuccino, UV matt, Trend

The series has a trendy look and is characterized by greater variation in color, crunch, shade, dark inlets and putties. The Trend series has a natural amount and size of cams that can be repaired. In addition, speckled cracks occur which give the floor a vivid look. The natural color and structure of the wood is clearly expressed in this series. These characters help to emphasize the unique beauty of the tree.

Product type: Moland Burghley

Type: Wide board

Wood type: Oak, Gray

Surface: UV lacquer

Product range: Trend

Wear layer: 2.5 mm

Thickness: 14 mm

Width: 180 mm

Length: 2200 mm

Content per package: 2.77 m2

Laying: Glue-free, for swimming installation

Surface structure: Brushed

Suitable for underfloor heating ?: Yes

Suitable for ship joints ?: No

Structure: Glue-free wideplank with intermediate layer of wooden slats

Edge: 4-sided macro-phase

LOC system: M5 (Glue free loc, 4 pages - Easy)

Note: Wood is a living material, and the supplied floor can therefore deviate from the one shown.