Moland Molaloc + Rustica Wide Plank - Oil, brushed living - 2190 mm.

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Molaloc + Rustica Wideplank - Oil, brushed living

Model: 1970815/14931268-2
Weight: 9
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Product type: Molaloc + Rustica

Type: Wide board

Wood type: Oak

Surface: Oil, brushed

Product range: Living

Wear: approx. 3.5 mm

Thickness: 14 mm

Width: 190 mm

Length: 2190 mm

Laying: Glue-free, for swimming installation

Suitable for underfloor heating? Yes

Content per package: 2.5 m2

Structure: Glue-free wideplank with intermediate layer of wooden slats

Edge: 4-sided Micro Phase

LOC system: M5 (Glue free loc, 4 pages - Easy)

NOTE: Up to 12.5% may be in shorter lengths.