Solid Siberian pine plank 34x110 mm.

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The minimum sale of this item is 10 m2!

Due. the long lengths will be charged a delivery fee for Jutland and Funen of DKK 1000 on this item!

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Surface: Supplied untreated. The floor must be sanded and surface treated with e.g. soap, oil or varnish.
Lengths: Falling from 400-600 cm. Can be purchased at fixed lengths. Additional price 50-100 DKK per m2. Contact us if you are interested in fixed lengths.
Mounting: Fer / not. Mounted on struts with screws in the spring. Spreading distance up to 100 cm. The floor is delivered without an end and assembly must take place over bedding.
Phase: No, delivered sharp-edged.
Sorting: Nature with cams.

Information about Angarsk lighthouse:

This type of pine plank is typically located in old apartments in all major cities in Denmark. In daily speech, the plank goes under the name of the Copenhagen plank, because the plank is located in about 25% of all apartments in inner Copenhagen.

Angarsk lighthouse grows in an area north of Bratsk around the river Angara in Siberia. This guy belongs to the same group Pinus Sylvestris, as the Scandinavian guy. But this guy is much harder than the Swedish or Finnish lighthouse because it is extremely dense, and because it has a very high resin content. Furthermore, the core proportion is much higher than the Nordic guy. Therefore, Angarsk Lighthouse is used in large style by the window industry.