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STAUF D 20, Vinyl, Linoleum and Rubber Adhesives

Model: 141390
Availability: In stock

Adhesives for Vinyl, Linoleum and Rubber

Content: 14 kg
300-400 g per. 1 m2

Product description: For safe bonding of most types of flooring, such as vinyl in lanes and tiles, rubber coating
in lanes and tiles, carpets and linoleum, with long loading time.

Areas of application: Vinyl in lanes and tiles - CV coatings - Quartz vinyl tiles - Rubber in lanes and tiles up to 3.5 mm - Rubber granules in lanes and tiles - Blankets with felt and foam backing - Linoleum.

Product characteristics: Suitable under office chair according to DIN 12529 - Suitable for underfloor heating - Aging resistant - Good adhesion / tack - Easy to apply - Very low emissions. Low power - High strength

STAUF D 5 corresponds to: Casco Proff Universal / Uzin KE 2000 S.