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STAUF D 8, Linoleum and Carpet Glue

Model: 141360
Availability: In stock

Adhesives for linoleum and carpets

Content: 14 kg
400 g per. 1 m2

Product description: For safe bonding of linoleum, cork linoleum, linoleum tiles, cork, carpets and needle felt. The secure bonding is achieved by a good hug at the beginning and the high strength that the glue achieves.

Areas of application: Linoloum in banks and tiles - Cork linoleum - Linoleum tiles - Cork - Carpets - Needle felt.

Product characteristics: Suitable under office chair according to DIN 12529 - Suitable for underfloor heating - Aging resistant - Good adhesion / tack

STAUF D 8 corresponds to: Cascolin Extra / Uzin LE 42, Uzin LE 43.