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STAUF D 54, Primer

Model: 131030
Availability: In stock


Content: 10 kg
Approx. 100-130 g / m 2

Product description: Dispersion primer for dense / absorbing subfloors indoors. The primer layer forms an effective staple bridge for subsequent sputtering with cement and gypsum based filler compounds. The primer is ready-to-use for non-absorbent substrates and wooden floors, on suction substrates the primer dilutes with water 1-1 / 1-3

Drying times: On absorbent surfaces approx. 1 hour, on non-absorbent substrate 4-8 hours, on andydritis 15 hours. Under normal climatic conditions

Areas of application: Concrete - Cement-based wear layer - Anhydrite - Disposable cast asphalt - Particleboard / OSB boards - Plank flooring / parquet flooring - Tiles / tiles - Untreated plasterboard

Product Features: Suitable for underfloor heating - Pulls well into the substrate - Easy to apply - Creates a dust-free, even and firm surface with good suction capability prior to sputtering

STAUF D 54 corresponds to: Casco VD / Uzin PE 260