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STAUF RM, Filler

Model: 133110
Availability: In stock

Solid cement-based filler

Content: 25 kg
1.6 kg per. 1 m2 / 1 mm

Product description: Sturdy, cement-based, highly plasticized and fast-loading repair filler, for layer thicknesses
from 1-10 mm without aggregate of oven-dried sand, for layer thicknesses of 10-50 mm with aggregate of oven-dried sand. For offsetting
height differences in the subfloor. Cures / dries well in all layer thicknesses within approx. 4 hours, under normal climatic conditions.

Areas of application: Concrete - Cement-based wear layer - Anhydrite - Disposable cast asphalt - Clinker / tile - Filler compound - Stair steps - Fibergypes - Magnesit - For indoor use.

Product features: Suitable for office chairs under DIN 12529 - Suitable for underfloor heating - Low voltage - High strength

STAUF RM is similar to: Casco EF and Casco FIN / Uzin NC 184.