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STAUF XP 10, Filler

Model: 133040
Availability: In stock

Self-leveling cementitious putty

Content: 25 kg
1.5 kg per 1 m2 / 1 mm

Product description: Self-leveling cement-based floor putty, for layer thicknesses up to 10 mm. For planar parting
of most subfloor types, before mounting carpets, linoleum PVC and similar. STAUF XP 10, easily mixed with water, flows well,
cures / dries well, in layer thickness 2-3 mm within approx. 24 hours, under normal climatic conditions and then it is abrasive.
For housing, schools, commercial buildings and similar.

Areas of application: Concrete - Cement-based wear layer - Anhydrite - Disposable cast asphalt - Clinker / tile - Filler compound - Magnesit - For indoor use

Product features: Self-leveling - Pumpbar - Suitable for office chair according to DIN 12529

STAUF XP 10 corresponds to: Casco ZM / Uzin NC 150