Juncker's 14 mm. solid Beech shipwrecked Harmony, Silk mat

88.60 per 1m2
€167.46 per pack

NON-RETURNABLE...Being Specially Made to Order!

Sold in whole packages, and minimum purchase
is 10 m2.

Model: 540210-189
Weight: 10,2 kg
Availability: In stock with expected delivery in 3-5 day(s)

Solid parquet floors are designed from individually selected wooden sticks, assembled into a board in a staggered pattern. Thereby, the nuanced differences in the wood are emphasized and a floor full of personality and life is achieved.

The black strip is delivered mounted on the individual boards, which gives the floor a maritime look and at the same time gives the ship joint. It is a specially produced list, made of foamed PVC with closed cells, for recording movements in wooden floors. The ship joint varies throughout the year, in line with the changes in humidity.

Grading: Harmony - This quality has a natural appearance with a more pronounced color and texture variation between the individual staves. Medium-sized knots and hairline cracks are to some extent expressed.
Dimensions: 14 x 129 mm.
Length: 183 cm and shorter.
Ship joint strip: 3x8 mm - installed it gives a 2 mm joint
Surfaces: Silk mat lacquered
Content per package: 1.89 m2
Installation: With hangers or fully glued.
Is suitable for underfloor heating

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Installation instructions: With hangers or fully glued
Cleaning instructions: Oil-treated or varnished .