Vinyl care & maintenance


Vinyl care & maintenance

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Cleaning and maintenance instructions for residential vinyl.

Vinyl Vinyl Care and maintenance

Put felt pads underneath all the furniture to avoid scratches and marks in the vinyl. Be aware that the felt dips are worn on eg chairs.
Rubber wheels and mats with rubber backing can cause stains. Lift when moving heavy furniture. A door mat reduces the risk of dirt and scratches from sand grains etc.

Daily cleaning is done with dry or damp mopping, vacuuming or sweeping. When the housing vinyl is washed, a neutral detergent and hard-wrung cloth or mop that is not too wet are used.

Stains and heavy dirt
Stains are removed immediately, with water or neutral detergent. Be aware that vinyl is damaged by gasoline, toluene, acetone. chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and scouring powder.
The following types of stain are best removed with:
Rubber, asphalt, grass, oil, oil paints, shrubs or tar - Stain removers for vinyl floors or gently dip with benzine
Berries, coffee, fruit, juice, tea, wine, beer, chocolate, fat, cream, juice or ice cream - Hand warm water with neutral floor washing
Toad, Crayon, Ink or Lipstick - Wipe off with alcohol
Urine, stools, vomit, blood clay lipstick - Hand warm water with neutral floor washing
Red Wine - Lemon juice diluted with cold water or stain remover for vinyl floors

In general
Avoid! Ajax, brown soap, soap chips and the like, these cleaning agents are suitable
Don't go for vinyls. Brown soap and soap scraps leave a greasy surface and
Ajax / salmiak gives the floor a gray shine.