Glamor, High Gloss, White 2935, Tiles

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Model: 1164335
Weight: 8

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Get tiles on the floor without the hassle of mortar, adhesive, water, etc.? Yes, today you can get laid in just a few hours
a tile floor without the big hassle. You can. Start in the morning and then you can enjoy the finished result, later
on the day. You even get rid of all cleaning, of various tools. There are many styles. From the simple one
white, over to southern Mediterranean style, as well as the dark and almost black slate types. Should you change style, or
just wanting a change in a few years, then the price of these tiles, compared to ceramic, is even much lower
- And then they are also super easy to change.

Tile size: 644 x 310 x 8 mm
Fuge between the tiles: Yes
Wear resistance: Normal. 32 - AC4
Content per package: 2 m2
Warranty: 25 years
Mounting: Click system, easy to install