Wiking Danish Ash Natural plank floor 15x185 mm.

€114.15 per m2
You save: €12.10 per m2
Weight: 10 kg
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Wiking Ash plank floors are made from exquisite Danish ash. Ash is a beautiful light wood species with a completely unique structure in brownish to reddish heartwood. The planks are constructed in 3 layers with a transverse middle layer of pine. This structure makes the planks suitable for underfloor heating and reduces the wood's natural movements by up to 70%. The planks have rounded edges, which emphasize the width of the individual planks. Wiking Ash Natur is available in different dimensions and surface treatments.
The "Nature" assortment has a harmonious play of colors and is almost knot-free.

Wiking Ash Natural wooden floor

Thickness: 15 mm.
Width: 185 mm.
Length: The item is delivered in decreasing lengths from 1600-2350 mm.
Wear layer: Approx. 4 mm.
Package contents: As the lengths vary, there are also different package contents, we therefore round the amount of m2 purchased down to the nearest whole package.
Description: 3-layer lamella structure
Surface treatment: Choose between white oil, white hard wax or white food varnish
Mounting method: 5G click system - Q-LOC for floating laying.
Underfloor heating: Yes – suitable for underfloor heating.

Remember that a substrate must be installed under the floor, you will find our many options here .

See installation instructions here: Wiking Installation instructions-with-Q-LOC.pdf

Download the data sheet here: Ask-Natur-Data.pdf