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Wimex Easyplank Art - Antique / Brown


EasyPlank Art is an environmentally friendly product in WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) for exterior terraces coated with plastic film.

Model: 1913484/1036494039
Weight: 2,7
Availability: In stock

QUALITY: First-class and uniform. Guaranteed 100% free of bamboo
ENVIRONMENT: Distinctive cradle to cradle profile
LENGTHS: 3.60 m are stock items
DIMENSION: 22 x 142 mm x 3600 mm
COLOR: Antique / Brown - Reversible profile.
POWER DISTANCE: Recommended flow distance is 40 cm. C / C
CONSUMPTION: 6.71 lbm / m².
CONTENTS: Approx. 60% softwood + 35% HDPE + 5% process additives. The wood part is primarily excess planar chips from pine production, while the plastic part is primarily recycled food packaging.
PROCESSING: 2 different types of longitudinal barefoot grooves are stock items. Reversible surfaces! (Other processing is possible under certain conditions.)
MAINTENANCE: No need for traditional maintenance such as grinding and oiling. Regular cleaning is to be expected
ACCESSORIES: Special T-clips and end caps. T-clip consumption 16 pcs. m².
INFO: Lose only a modest portion of its original color. In popular terms, one must count on a color loss of approx. 10% over the first 3 years, after which the color loss turns off. EasyPlank is NOT, unlike some low-cost products, a food source for living organisms. - Algae is thus easy to remove.



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