The rugs in the Atlantic series are divided into two different designs

  • Streaks: The rug's design is inspired by Sandy shores in New Jersey and Long Island, which are covered by winter storms, as well as the design of ripples and stripes in the sand, so that it looks like an abstract image. Over a century of skill and craftsmanship is woven into every rug Louis de Poortere produces.
  • Surf: The rugs are designed by Marie Barthellier, who is an artist and painter from the Isle of Yeu, which lies off the "Atlantic" coast in France. Surf, sand and driftwood are her daily source of inspiration, which has then been transformed into a rug design.

Over a century of skill and craftsmanship put into every woven rug produced in Belgium. Woven on a Jacquard Wilton loom in a combination of cotton chenille and pure wool, each rug has multiple layers of texture and intricate stitching details to give a true 'vintage' look.

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