In this category you will find a large selection of BOEN plank floors.

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Plank: Different formats

Choose the look you like best. Plank gives a classic, timeless and luxurious impression, and presents your room in a perfect way. After decades of production experience, we believe that we have found the optimal proportions between width and length of our planks. Our planks come in three widths: 138, 181 and 209 mm. Our tip: Use a mix of all three dimensions in your house. The result is superb.

BOEN Chalet: The unique floor for your home

Our Chalet floorboards are exceptional in appearance and convincing in technology. We have chosen the best raw materials and used our many years of experience in manufacturing flooring to market this unique product. The chalet boards are individually different in both width and length. The width varies from 200 to 395 mm, the length from 2 to 4 meters.

BOEN Chaletino: Large and exclusive

BOEN Chaletino are extra wide and extra long planks with fixed dimensions of 300 mm in width and 2.75 m in length. Like the Chalet, Chaletino is designed for use in residential environments that require a little extra. The large planks are most suitable for large rooms, but also smaller rooms get a beautiful and exclusive touch.