Parador vinyl floors are distinguished by functional design and intelligent technology. Thus, our click systems guarantee a high quality and a simple installation. The robust floor covering with the long service life can be optimally combined with floor heating systems.

Why Parador Vinyl is so special.

Before laying, the vinyl floor elements must be acclimatized and stored at the installation site for at least 48 hours in the original packaging. A 0.2 mm thick polyethylene foil ("vapor barrier") or alternatively a Parador subfloor with integrated moisture protection must always be laid on a mineral foundation. When laying down, all vinyl products must comply with certain minimum distances for solid objects and walls. For vinyl with HDF support plate, this "expansion joint" should be min. 8 mm, for vinyl of solid material min. 5 mm. Once the subfloor is laid, you can start with the actual laying. In floating laying, the vinyl floor is laid without a fixed connection to the subfloor. Using the simple clipping technique you can place Parador vinyl floors stably without prior knowledge. For visual reasons, the floor should be laid with the long edges parallel to the light incident. If there are multiple windows, you must assume the largest. The floor is ready for use immediately after installation. Remove the spacers and place the Parador base strip with clip technique - done!

Parador Vinyl - Care

The special surface treatment of Parador vinyl floors makes them repellent to dirt and bacteria. Vinyl floors are easy to clean so they are perfect for households with pets, children and allergy sufferers.

As with all other floor coverings, you should protect your new vinyl floor from dirt particles with suitable dirt collection zones. In all cases, as a protection of vinyl floors against scratches, felt sliders must be fitted under the chair legs, table legs and furniture. For the ordinary maintenance cleaning, vacuuming or wiping with a slightly dampened floor cloth is recommended. It is therefore important that no puddles are formed with standing water.

Avoid sand and dirt as both parts act as abrasive paper. Dry only with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use scouring agents, wax waxes, steam cleaners or polishes. Pollutants with substances such as shoe polish, lacquer, tar, oil, lubrication, ink, felt and lipstick are best removed with a cloth soaked with PU cleaner (polyurethane cleaner). Here, the respective instructions for use must be followed. To remove stains and lighter scratches, apply a small amount of PU cleanser to the surface to be treated with a cloth and rub it dry after a few minutes. If you need to treat or renovate a larger area, it is recommended to use special care products and seals available from a specialist shop.