Floor coverings require a certain distance to the wall when laying floating, as these must have a certain clearance due to their natural swelling properties and the resulting expansion and contraction reaction. In order that the subfloor is not contaminated by dust and coarse dirt, and that a nice finish is also made against the wall, it is necessary to place skirting boards. For this purpose, there is a wide selection of different formats and naturally matching patterns as well as contrasting colors. With the final installation of corners, a coherent expression is created, and extra protection at the outer edges. With the help of a harmonious interplay between skirting boards, corners and flooring, unique homes are created.

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Harmonious overall impression

Skirting boards are the perfect finishing touch to any floor. Choose for yourself: With foil or veneer? Matching the floor or as a contrast? There are no limits to your imagination.

Fits perfectly!

Skirtings can be adapted to all patterns in various designs. This is how you give a room just the right look.