In this category you will find a large selection of German quality floors from Haro. All items in this category are shelf life - delivery time 5-8 days.

Some things change over time: The small family business, founded in 1866 as a brickwork and sawmill by Franz Paul Hamberger in Rosenheim in Bavaria, is today Germany's leading parquet manufacturer. And some things do not change: After more than 140 years, Hamberger is still a real family business and is now in the family's ownership in the fourth and fifth generation. This synthesis of tradition and innovation also characterizes HARO branded floors: High-quality wood from sustainable forestry is refined at Hamberger with modern production processes and innovative technologies for a floor that enhances any home and makes a home for a home.

Rely on HARO's brand quality when purchasing - you rely on five generations of competence within wood.

Throughout safe, solid and of the highest quality - Hamberger has been responsible for five generations. In these more than 140 years, the small match factory has thus evolved into a successful, internationally-renowned parquet flooring company, represented in all major markets, and in each square meter reflects the tremendous professional knowledge and high standards of HARO brand.

In HARO's trademark park, there are not only many years of experience and the high quality requirements of a medium-sized family business, but also numerous innovative solutions for even more comfort in laying, care and use of the floors.

There is a long way from a newly planted small tree to a parquet floor of precious woods - at least from a time perspective. In other areas, Hamberger advocates the short work procedures and fetches the vast majority of the wood used for HARO parquet from the vicinity of the production sites. In this way, long transport routes that damage the environment are avoided, while regional forestry is effectively supported. In recognition of this unbroken product chain from certified, sustainably grown forest to the final product, Hamberger products have had the recognized PEFC brand since January 2004.