At Pergo we take care of the environment. Both the environment in your home and our common environment. It has played a central role to care for the environment in everything we do, ever since we started making laminate floors. It affects our products, our production and our choice of raw materials, processes, suppliers, transport and packaging.

Recycling is an important part of our environmental policy. 80% of the contents of our products consist of surplus wood from the wood industry. We only use sustainable woods such as pine and spruce - never exotic woods or wood derived from extinct threatened rainforests.

Certified good choice
We are also the first floor manufacturer to have received the official Nordic Ecolabel. The Swan label certifies that our products are a good environmental choice with a view to the general impact of the products on the environment from raw material to waste management.

Our PEFC-certified products indicate that the wood used in these products comes from sustainable forests.

recycling Energy
Another environmental benefit of Pergo laminate flooring is the high amount of energy that can be recovered by burning on waste incineration plants. We use this resource to increase the energy efficiency of our own processes and recycle all kinds of wood waste from our woodwork and sawmill processes to heat our production facilities.

Environmentally responsible, beautiful and durable - Pergo is in every way a good and responsible purchase.


Pergo laminate flooring is designed to last. The robust and innovative construction gives you a durability, you will be glad you chose when everyday challenges arise. This extreme durability is the reason why we dare to give a guarantee on our floors for 50 years of wear, stains and sun bleaching - the best guarantee on the market.

All Pergo laminate floors are available with a comprehensive warranty. Our quality levels public extreme and original excellence   Available with a lifetime warranty and living Expression floors are covered by a 25-year warranty. These guarantees apply to floors in homes. Business guarantee is provided upon request.