Precisely in the case of laminate floors in wood look, it is not just the particularly natural appearance of the wood species that is important. Therefore, we also have great focus on the fact that the surfaces are authentic. Here, our product range stretches from smooth surfaces to complicated structures, where you can hardly see any difference between them and real wood. It is the famous HARO quality that you can feel. It is best if you, together with your HARO dealer, get an impression of the countless possibilities you have available at HARO laminate floors.

With fine pores and silk gloss.

Pores food
With fine pores and natural elegant radiance.

smooth food
Smooth without structure with a natural mat radiance.



Feels like the structure of real wood.

brushed food
Like the structure of real wood. The matte look emphasizes the natural look.

A surface that looks as if the carpenter's master had declined it.



Virtually no difference to real wood. Structure and pattern match. The degree of gloss resembles a lacquered surface.

authentic food
Virtually no difference to real wood. Structure and pattern match. The surface has a natural oil character. Plank floor also has a slight shine in the pore.

Pores rustic
A characteristic surface, whose pore structure makes the mark on things so that they can feel. In addition, through the interplay between the matte / shiny effects, the surface gets a special patina.



Chamfered edges at the ends and longitudinally
Not only in the long sides, but also across the edges, the edges are bevelled - to achieve an even more plastic impression. The skilled person speaks of bevelled edges at the ends and longitudinally.