Parador produces flooring worlds that are as ambitious and individual as the people living in them. Therefore, Parador's range includes a large selection of very different products. For an initial orientation, there are five exquisite product lines. They provide the right basis for finding the right floor quickly and easily.

What the Parador parquet park is all about

The parquet park enhances the living space value in a visible way. The natural material wood gives every room life warm and cozy and forms the perfect basis for tasteful and style-conscious interior design. The Parador parquet park multiplies the possibilities of experiencing a fussy and individual decorating style already on the floor. Numerous exquisite woods, various plank formats and lay patterns as well as various sorts and finishes provide access to a unique spectrum of exclusive flooring flooring solutions. And with the collections Classic, Trendtime and Edition you can realize both the notions of timeless elegance and its penchant for modern, design-oriented interior design. Whether they are traditional or trend-conscious floors - Parador floors in real wood are timeless in their quality requirements.

material Nature

Wood is alive and changing with time; each tree is unique, each plank is unique. Based on this knowledge and by using different formats, sortings and surface treatments, Parador creates an attractive product range. Not only for the appearance of the surface, wood plays a crucial role for us, but also in the three-layer sandwich construction we use only wood. Thus, for the middle layer we apply homely red / noble fir, which is processed so specially that one finds solely standing rings, which can withstand the highest load. The counter-shutter also consists of spruce, which is produced by peeling and thus is gentle on the resources.


Parador floors in real wood convince by a wide variety of individual design options, excellent quality and intelligent technology. Special click mechanics obviate the need for elaborate tools and make the laying particularly simple and stable, whether the floor is laid swimming or glued to the entire surface. At the same time, the factory impregnation protects the slats and cover layers from moisture; The product structure in three layers results in a high form stability. The exclusive solid wood cover layer guarantees high-quality products throughout the long service life of high-quality coatings.

Healthy indoor climate

Parador parquet flooring has low evaporation, is hypoallergenic and provides a comfortable indoor climate. We would like to prove this by using only materials that are healthy for the home environment. Test certificates from TÜV, LGA and Blauer Engel give our customers the necessary security. In addition, wood climate control works, it has a long life cycle, can be renovated several times and is easy to clean, so it is perfectly suitable for households with pets, children and allergy sufferers.