Sigma Company Profile

PPG Coatings Danmark A / S sells and markets professional paints in Scandinavia under the brand Sigma Coatings. We are part of the PPG Group, which is the world's second largest paint supplier with more than 44,000 employees.

We develop, produce and sell paint for both the professional market and the retail market. Through targeted research and product development and collaboration with leading painters, we are constantly creating new and better products and services for our customers.

The high demands for uniformity in production ensure that products under the Sigma Coatings brand meet - and often exceed - the market's high quality requirements.

We are in close dialogue with the market and feedback from this helps to shape our broad service offerings, which you can, among other things, benefit from here on the website.

The head office is located in Søborg. From here we serve professional painters through our professional distributor network. Sigma Coating's products are also available for marine and industry as well as for private customers through a strong store concept for color dealers.

Sigma's story

Our history dates back to 1722, when Pieter Schoen & Zoon in Holland sold colors under the Sigma name. The production took place on the picturesque color mill, "Den Gekroonde Schoen" in Zaandam-Holland.

Crowned Shoe

The name - SIGMA - was originally a trademark for a number of special quality products. The main reason for SIGMA ended up being also the name of the company, however, was that the Gekroonde Schoen was difficult to pronounce for customers from abroad. SIGMA is derived from the Greek letter "S" and the "S" is now an integral part of the logo.
The Danish history begins in 1952, when Pieter Schoen was established in the country. Today, Sigma Coatings is part of the PPG Group, the second largest paint supplier in the world.