Take it easy, just keep your shoes on while you dance!

Experience the safe feeling with a new laminate floor from Tarkett. When you host a dance at home, you can enjoy the music and the dance to the fullest. Whether you dance jitterbug, salsa, hip-hop or even flamenco, the risk of scratches or impression marks from high heels is small because the floor is so hard-wearing. This year's collection consists of 16 references in exciting colors and patterns. Take a closer look at the trendy floors in the Vintage series or the hard-wearing floors for children's and youth rooms, which are extra resistant due to a more stable construction. Thanks to Tarkett's locking system, installation is also a breeze.

Tarkett laminate floors can be combined with underfloor heating, as long as it is a water-borne and self-regulating heating system.

In this category you find Tarkett's laminate floors for general residential use.