In this category you will find a small selection of Beefeater gas grill. We can supply all Beefeater products so if you are looking for a special product we do not have online please contact us finally. The Beefeater gas grill is a grill for the committed and careful barbecue master. The Beefeater gas grill is also used by many professional chefs.

There are many reasons why BeefEater barbecues is the leading brand in gas grills.

  • The quality is of course top notch. The models are made of stainless steel and / or porcelain enamel. The heat effect of the individual burners is very high, and the position of the burners relative to the heavy heat preserving cast iron grate ensures that the meat / fish is not cooked; but the grille for the consistency you want.

  • BeefEater becomes a gathering point when there are guests, because it is nice to see the barbecue master / host cook on the open grill opposite other grills, where you just sit and wait. On a BeefEater you grill in the social / Australian way, ie always with open lid. This can be done because of the effect in the burners, which is much higher than other gas grills. The lid is only used when the grill is used as an oven. There are thus many possibilities.

  • The design is delicious, and there are many models to choose from, from small efficient 3 burners to the very large barbecues, which are especially aimed at the professional market. The largest ones are almost like an outdoor kitchen.

  • Australia has good meat that deserves to be cooked well. Therefore, BeefEater is the best-selling gas barbecue down below. Now it's Europe's trip. BeefEater is in the process of conquering the market as charcoal must give way to gas.

BeefEater is Australia's leading manufacturer of barbecues (BBQ), and Australia is a country where you don't thank a steak that isn't properly grilled. It must have the grill strips that only a really heavy grille of cast iron can deposit, and then there must be heat enough so that the cooking time does not become too long. The effect in the burners is much higher than other gas grills on the market.

When you buy a BeefEater BBQ you get:

A solid and functional construction.

The SIGNATURE models are made of stainless steel, a material that is easy to maintain and clean.

The DISCOVERY models are coated with porcelain enamel, which is an extremely durable coating. It is also easy to clean.

Unlike a traditional grill, all BeefEater has, in addition to a grill grill, a hot plate that serves as a frying pan.

All BBQ's are equipped with "Quartz Start" ignition system, where the electrode is coated with titanium, ensuring an extremely long life.

The large lid provides optimum heat recovery, and at the same time you can watch the frying through the large glass pane.

The professionals choose BeefEater.

BeefEater produces many models, from very small to large 5 burner BBQs with one or more side burners. The huge models are also suitable for restaurant and business use; but the quality is the same, regardless of size. Over the years, BeefEater has achieved several international design awards. Whether you're a full or semi-professional chef, it's a pleasure to keep a barbecue party around a BeefEater BBQ.

Gastronomy with gas.
The principle of cooking food on a gas grill is the same as for a charcoal grill, namely that the grilled must be exposed to a hard and direct heat, so that the cooking time becomes short and the food thereby gets the unmistakable taste of the grill. The result is basically the same as when grilling on a traditional charcoal grill, and then it is much easier and more clean. The benefits of gas, of course, are also that one avoids getting the harmful soot particles from the coal on the plate and that nothing is burned by stinging flames from burning fat or oil. No problems with ignition fluid and dirty coal. In addition, a minimum of maintenance.