In this category you will find Pergo's selection of vinyl floors - all the floors are available as glue tiles or with a click system.

Pergo is famous for its exquisite quality and fashionable design, a reputation that dates back to the invention of the laminate floor. Our collection of stunning vinyl designs with beautiful structures created through special embossing techniques is exactly as beautiful as you would expect from Pergo.

But it's not just the look that makes them a good choice. Pergo vinyl floors are also very durable, sound-absorbing and comfortable to wear. They are easy to mount, like all Pergo floors, and because they are waterproof, our vinyl floors are also ideal for creating beautiful, practical kitchens.


100% waterproof
The durable, durable and sealed surface makes Pergo vinyl planks and tiles perfect for kitchens and other wetlands, and as easy to clean as a tile floor.

Extremely comfortable and quiet
Pergo vinyl floors combine exceptional wear resistance with comfort. They are not only soft and quiet to walk on, but since vinyl is a good heat conductor, they are also perfect for floor heating.

Easy to install - also on top of an existing floor
Mounting vinyl floors has never been easier. Available in both plank and tile formats, Pergo vinyl floors are extremely easy to install thanks to our revolutionary PerfectFold ™ 3.0 click system. And because they fill so little in height, you can often mount them directly on top of an existing floor. You do not need machines at all when cutting the planks, a knife is enough.

Incredible patterns and structures
Pergo vinyl floors have beautiful structures. Our distinctive wood design is eg. created using an embossing technique that follows any shade in the wood, which gives a genuine authentic look.

Exquisite floors in two quality levels
All our designs are available in two quality levels - one for click mounting and one for gluing. Both offer outstanding durability of advanced product construction, backed by a fantastic guarantee.


Pergo Vinyl planks and tiles are designed to last. The robust and innovative construction gives you a durability, you will be glad you chose when everyday challenges arise. All our vinyl floors are available with a 20-year warranty against wear.

In addition, our revolutionary PerfectFold ™ 3.0 click system comes with a lifetime warranty against height differences and open assemblies. It is the most solid click system available on a 5 mm floor. These guarantees apply to floors in homes.
Business guarantee is provided upon request.


Pergo meets all environmental and quality requirements. No hazardous or toxic substances are used in Pergo Vinyl boards and tiles, and we comply with all the latest and greatest international standards. As a result, VOC emissions from Pergo's vinyl floors are 10 times lower than the most stringent standards elsewhere. In fact, we only produce products that are internationally approved.

Our vinyl is also 100% recyclable. And as for all Pergo floors, Pergo vinyl floors are very easy to care for and last for a long time if properly maintained, which results in a low environmental impact throughout the life of the floor.


Vinyl floors are easy to handle, but as with most things, they must be cleaned regularly to keep them beautiful. Pergo Vinyl planks and tiles do not require any specific treatment after installation thanks to their special coating on the top layer, which provides extra protection against wear. The sealed surface also provides a 100% waterproof floor that is as easy to clean as a tile floor. Use a broom, vacuum cleaner or damp mop, or try Pergo's smart cleaning accessories to make the job even easier.


Pergo vinyl floors are designed to meet the everyday challenges and offer natural beauty that lasts. Our reputation for durability applies equally to our vinyl floors as well as to all our other floors. With Pergo vinyl you get the soft and luxurious feel of high quality vinyl without compromising on the maintenance convenience.

The individual plank and tile consists of four layers. The strong and durable surface offers significantly improved resistance to small scratches and makes vinyl the perfect choice for space used intensively, ensuring your floor looks beautiful for many years to come.


With vinyl, there is no limit to how a floor can look. The versatility of the material means that we can offer a wide range of designs, all of which exude their own style due to the details, the delicious structure and the fascinating color ranges.

Incredible patterns and structures
The patterns and structures that you find in our range of vinyl floors are inspired by the natural feel of wood, leather or raw concrete. With 14 exciting designs you can highlight the home environment just as you want.