The revolution in natural floor care, clean & green , the floor care series for easy, fast, efficient and ecological cleaning and care. Several decades of experience with different floor types have been used in the development of the clean & green products.

Quick, easy, natural - perfect care for HARO parquet. Adapted to the special requirements of modern, responsible households , the clean & green products convince not only because they are easy to use and are very environmentally friendly - they are also very cumbersome. The bottle lasts for 40 times. All clean & green products are ecologically correct. You can see this not only in the valuable ingredients, but also in Euroblume. The European Ecolabel is the international quality mark with which products and services are labeled that stand out due to their particular environmental friendliness and low impact on health.

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This is how we preserve the beauty of the floor for a long time.
The HARO brand stands for floors with naturally attractive floor surfaces. In order for the HARO floors to retain this beauty for as long as possible, we have developed cleaning and care products that are specially adapted to these floors. You can of course also use our products for all other ordinary hard floor coverings
on the market.

Regular cleaning:
For regular cleaning of the floors. Removes dirt quickly and easily and also provides protection for your floor.

Intensive cleaning:
Cleans the floors ultra clean and removes even heavy dirt. Can also be used targeted in individual places, as well as on the entire surface. As additional protection
the floor should be treated with HARO Care and refreshing after use.

Care and refreshment:
For optical refreshing of the floors and after a treatment with HARO Intensive cleaning. HARO Care and refreshing increases the moisture protection and wear resistance of HARO floors.

Haro Floor care products: Your partner in the maintenance and care of wooden floors

Haro floor care products represent quality, reliability and professional care for your wooden floor. As a recognized and respected name in the industry, Haro is dedicated to offering solutions designed to protect and preserve the beauty of your floor over time.

Whether you need a routine cleaning or an in-depth restoration, Haro offers a wide range of products to suit your needs. From care products to cleaners, to protective waxes and varnishes, Haro's range is designed to tackle any challenge your floor may face.

Haro's floor care products are made with environmental friendliness and sustainability in mind, so you can be sure that you are not only protecting your floor, but also our planet.

Invest in Haro floor care products to maintain the natural beauty of your wooden floor, extend its life and ensure it remains a focal point of your home for many years to come.