Under this category you will find a large selection of relevant products for your new floor regardless of whether it is about care, maintenance, oiling or painting of wooden floors.

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About Trip Trap WoodCare

Develops, manufactures and markets a complete program for the ground treatment and care of wood surfaces for the consumer market as well as for the industrial market for surface treatment.

The company is the market leader in the Danish consumer market and in a number of export markets. The industrial products are sold to leading parquet and furniture factories in Europe, China, Southeast Asia and the United States.

It all started more than 40 years ago

Trip Trap WoodCare A / S was founded more than 40 years ago as the company Trip Trap by Ib Møller, whose ancestors from Skagen used the driftwood from the many strandings of the time on Skagen's Odde. The tree was processed to i.a. furniture and floorboards.

The assortment consisted of stairs and wooden floors at the start. Later, furniture became part of the assortment. For basic treatment, care and maintenance of wood, products such as lye, soap and various oil products were gradually developed.

In 2004, Trip Trap WoodCare A / S became an independent company focusing on wood care and maintenance. Today, Trip Trap WoodCare's range includes a rich selection of products for the care, maintenance and renovation of wood indoors as well as outdoors.
The range also includes a program of varnishes with associated paint care products. The range therefore caters to both the private consumer and the professional flooring.

Together with our products for the parquet and furniture industry, our product range constitutes a system of products that are closely matched to each other. All surface treatment products are developed with respect for wood as a natural raw material, and are instrumental in promoting the properties of the finished products to create a good indoor climate with the least possible environmental impact.

The products are marketed in Denmark under the trademark Trip Trap WoodCare

Abroad, our products are marketed under the WOCA DENMARK brand

As part of our expansion, Trip Trap WoodCare A / S took over a turnkey factory of 5,000 square meters on September 1, 2007. With this purchase, Trip Trap WoodCare has secured the necessary capacity to realize its future development and growth strategy.

Mission statement

WoodCare Denmark A / S wishes to be a recognized player in the market for surface treatment and care products based on innovation, high quality and good service.


To be the best in our field and deliver profitable growth.


To offer innovative environmental and quality products with sustainable results.

30 years of ecology

WoodCare Denmark A / S strives to produce and offer the best and most environmentally friendly wood treatment products.
We have our products tested at the Institut für Baubiologie in Rosenheim (IBR) in Germany. IBR examines products used in the construction industry and in interior design to test whether the products have an influence on human health both during manufacture and in the home and the surrounding environment. Our products are recommended for use in the home furnishing of IBR and are provided with IBR's quality label.

The Trip Trap products for indoor use have also been tested according to the German standard, DIN 53160, saliva and sweat test. Furthermore, the Trip Trap products have been tested according to EN 71-3 and have passed this test, after which they are suitable for treating toys for children. Trip Trap products also meet the new regulations for VOC content.

The Trip Trap WoodCare logo is a quality guarantee - and has been since the establishment in 1969.

To ensure high quality throughout the product's lifetime, the product is tested before it is introduced into the market. Similarly, it is essential for Trip Trap WoodCare to show consideration for the environment; This means that when we use the word "environment", it covers broadly the disciplines working environment, product environment and external environment. Trip Trap WoodCare , as an environmentally responsible company, wants to create sustainable products.

A product from Trip Trap WoodCare is a good choice and by investing in a quality product, the value of the original investment in wood is maintained, and responsibility for the environmental impacts of the products on the surroundings is taken.