With its marbled design and 72 different color references, Veneto xf² is a great choice for both residential and business areas. All colors are available in 18 dB with acoustic properties. Multicolor welding wire. The new matte surface xf² is extremely durable and makes the floor easy to maintain and clean without wax or polish.

  • 72 different color references
  • All colors are available in 18 dB with acoustic properties
  • Surface reinforced with xf² new and more matt surface
  • Easy maintenance - no wax or polish
  • The eco-label with the Swan
  • The eco-label with Cradle to Cradle - silver


Model: 400
Model: 695
Model: 616
Model: 740
Model: 793
Model: 761
Model: 611
Model: 671
Model: 637
Model: 672
Model: 636
Model: 754
Model: 704
Model: 624
Model: 742
Model: 762
Model: 911
Model: 645
Model: 610
Model: 632
Model: 631

TARKETTS BALANCED CHOICE The Linoleum range is part of Tarkett's range of sustainable solutions. It is an integrated system that makes it possible to find the balance between all current needs (environment, performance, budget) and at the same time make choices that are truly sustainable and work purely aesthetically.

Better raw materials Tarkett's Linoleum range is made from an average of 95% natural raw materials (linseed oil, resin, cork flour, wood flour, sandstone and jute), of which an average of 73% is also rapidly renewable, which means that they are renewed within 5 years or less.

Resource Responsibility Our Linoleum range is manufactured in Narni, Italy. The factory uses an environmental management system (ISO 14001). In the past three years, our factory in Narni has made numerous improvements: 50% reduction of waste 32% reduction in water consumption (introduction of a closed loop). 3% reduction in energy consumption. 60% increase in recycled materials The factory in Narni, like all other Tarkett locations, receives an environmental assessment from external auditors every two years. No risks were identified at the Narni plant in 2009. We basically carry out a life cycle analysis of newly developed products to reduce their environmental impact.

Human-friendly environment Tarkett's Linoleum range offers valuable health, hygiene and welfare benefits. The surface treatment xf TM reduces the consumption of water, solvents and energy, as well as ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance (no need for wax or polish after laying). Low VOC emissions contribute to a good indoor climate and to the fact that there is no smell from the floor:

Recycling and Recycling Production in our closed loop enables us to optimize the consumption of raw materials through the use of an average of 10% reworked linoleum powder to reduce waste. If. EN 14021 Our products consist on average of 30% recycled material.