Södra's floors are produced from late-growing trees. The surface is treated with good products in modern machines, so that they can withstand being used year after year and without having to be sanded again and again. Wood is a flexible material that can be processed and treated in many different ways to achieve different expressions. You can choose an untreated product and treat it yourself or retain the natural wood surface. There are also many finished products that are ready to install. They are professionally treated with oil or varnish and are available in several colors and with or without structure. We offer floors in most types of wood, which are found in our Scandinavian forests and which are suitable for floor production. Pine is a Scandinavian natural, but in addition you will also find ash, oak and Douglas fir in our standard range. Regardless of the style of the rooms you want to gild with a wooden floor, there is a solid wooden floor from Södra that fits.