Laminate from Parador provides space for creativity. For as individual as people and their ideas about the home is, so great is Parador's offering of very different laminate floors. Five product lines, three basic ranges Basic, Classic, Trendtime and two special collections Eco Balance and the design collection Edition help you to safely find the right laminate flooring for you.

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Philosophy & Quality

Our experience forms the basis for this and unites with the incentive to continuously develop our know-how in all relevant segments. The broad-based expertise is evident in the large product portfolio, from decors with stone look via noble textile materials to classic wooden floors. The Parador portfolio, with its approx. 2,000 products as diverse as man himself. Within the different flooring variants, our customers can choose between individual price and performance levels, for Parador offers quality with a system that can respond to a large number of individual desires and performances. The added value for our floors is not only in the choice, the sustainable production and the excellent design, but also in the intelligent functionality of our products. Click assemblies make it easy to lay your floor, processing and processing techniques create durability and durability at the highest level. Outstanding accessories - eg. Our large selection of suitable plinths - prove our high quality requirements right down to the detail. Quality with system - a requirement that our customers can sense in all our products.


As an internationally recognized certification system, PEFC ("Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification") commits itself to an environmentally friendly, socially and economically sustainable forestry operation. The focus is on the protection of biodiversity, forest health, care and recovery.


FSC ("Forest Stewardship Council") is a globally applicable certification system for forestry. The certification by the non-profit member organization, which was founded in 1993, covers the main areas of the environment, social conditions and economy. The goal is for our forests to meet future needs - without compromising future generations.

There Blue Angel

"Der Blaue Engel" is the world's first and oldest environmental protection labeling for products and services. It has existed since 1978 and is today awarded by the German Interior Ministry, the Ministry of the Environment, RAL GmbH and the "Jury Umweltzeichen".

TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland AG is an internationally acting, independent service provider of testing and certification in Cologne. The TÜV control mark is supplemented with a special ID number, which is publicly available on the company's website and contains details of the certification in question. Thus, for example, one can under control number 00000 39917 read about parador floors, which assortments have been tested and approved with which certificates for quality, manufacture and functionality.

LGA quality certificate

The certificate "LGA tested Quality" is awarded by TÜV Rheinland. It proves that a product has been tested and approved for its extensive and lasting quality and its safety is monitored. The certificate ›LGA tested‹ refers to the test of a product for specific product characteristics. Thus, e.g. the certificate "LGA damstoffgeprüft", that a product has a particularly low emission level.

Institut Bauen und Umwelt eV

Together with EPLF, the association of European laminate flooring manufacturers, Parador is engaged in the Institute for Building and Environment (IBU) for more sustainability in the construction sector. The collaboration between EPLF and IBU has for laminate floors been created within the framework of EPDs ("environmental product declarations"). An EPD is a statement on the ecological properties of construction products and, for architects and planners, constitutes a tool for assessing the sustainability of buildings.

Real Wood

A floor covering that carries this quality mark is guaranteed by genuine wood. This is called "The European Federation of the Parquet Industry" (FEP). The organization has officially introduced the single European trademark on 1 August 2006 to "facilitate the identification of original products".

Émissions dans l'air intérieur

Since January 1, 2012, construction products and furnishing and equipment new to the French market have had to be classified and labeled for their emissions. It requires "Décret n ° 2011-321", which was published on 25 March 2011. Here category A +, which, for example, elastic floor coverings in the series Eco balance PUR falls, corresponds to a location with the lowest emission.

M1 Emission class for building material

All materials - even wood - have some form of emission. The emission classification for building materials indicates the emission requirements for the materials used, taking into account a good quality of the room air. Here stands class M1, such as. Eco Balance PUR is awarded for low emissions. Class M1 products are preferred by many designers, architects and planning engineers when choosing materials for their projects.