Innovations "Made in Germany"

Do you like the natural look of wood? We can! Since 2007, the company NOVO-TECH GmbH & Co. KG produced the megawood® products. Production takes place exclusively at the production facilities in the town of Aschersleben, located in the eastern part of the Harz mountain range. Over 100 employees use all their know-how and motivation to create a material whose potential applications are far from exhausted. The company NOVO-TECH GmbH & Co. KG is Europe's largest producer of wood-polymer materials and we sell these all over the world, from Iceland to Australia and from Brazil to Siberia. In our material, the natural product wood is combined with innovative polymer technology to create a unique environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable natural material. Our wood material, with a proportion of natural wood fibers of over 75%, is really suitable for outdoor use. Our material's unmatched extreme surface hardness makes it highly scratch resistant, durable, virtually splinter free and very easy to hold. megawood® terrace planks barefoot combines the positive properties of wood with the best of modern polymer research. megawood® offers a complete and unsurpassed product range of thoroughly solid terrace planks with numerous unique patented surfaces. megawood® looks like wood, feels like wood, can be processed like wood, but is more noble, more uncomplicated and more durable than wood.

Unique connection with high quality

megawood® introduces new dimensions in terrace construction: ecologically valuable due to technical progress, high quality, noble surfaces and many design options. megawood® terrace planks bare feet are produced in modern and globally unique production facilities from up to 75% wood fibres. These originate from sustainably grown tree stocks that are certified by a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forestry, the PEFC certificate. The PEFC certificate is valid as a worldwide "forestry quality stamp". The entire production of the product – from raw material to the ready-to-use end product – is certified and checked by impartial experts. Environmentally friendly binders, additives and wood fibers are combined in a patented production process for the durable megawood® wood-polymer material. This process gives the natural wood fibers their unusual resistance. All the positive properties of the wood are preserved and supplemented with many other benefits. All the components of the material are PVC-free and can be returned to the megawood® recycling cycle. megawood® products must meet the high requirements for the quality seal of the "Qualitätsgemeinscha Holzwerkstoff e eV" (Quality Community for Wood Materials, registered association). Therefore, our products are continuously checked for quality by internal bodies and periodically by external testing institutes. Thus, we guarantee a uniformly high quality for our products, which is certified by the award of the quality stamp from the "Qualitätsgemeinscha Holzwerkstoff e eV".

Guaranteed health-free

Megawood's products are child-friendly, safe and harmless in terms of health. megawood® is pleased with the excellent results from the test carried out by the test institute EPH-GmbH Dresden. By awarding the stamp, it is officially confirmed that our products meet the very highest requirements. With a control method that is recognized throughout Europe, the testing institute EPH-GmbH has tested our wood material with regard to the properties of the material. In this connection, they checked for the release of dangerous heavy metals according to the strict guidelines of the standard DIN EN 71-3. This standard lays down exact provisions for the approval of children's toys. The products from megawood® are the first products of the wood-polymer material approved for the manufacture of toys for children. The Development and Testing Laboratory for Wood Technology (Entwicklungs- und Prüfl abor für Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH)) in Dresden has checked megawood® according to the strict guidelines of the standard DIN EN 71-3 and approved it for the manufacture of children's toys. Because of this, megawood® also has a pioneering role in this respect with regard to the health-responsible handling of the young wood-polymer material.

100% sustainable

The material - wood fibers from 100% sustainable cultivation as well as high-quality polymers and additives - can be fed back into the normal megawood® production process.

Pioneers in recycling

In a special process, the old megawood® terrace planks are treated bare feet and thereby made reusable. We are happy to take back your used megawood® terrace planks, bare feet, free of charge. All megawood® terrace planks bare feet can be added to the normal production process. In this way, new environmentally friendly products from the company megawood® arise from old megawood® terraces. This process is unique worldwide in the field of wood-polymer materials and underlines our own high demands for an ecologically sustainable and innovative production of environmentally friendly products.

Still in the leader's jersey

megawood® is the European market leader in the production of polymer-bonded wood material for terrace construction. And there's a reason for that: our planks and decking are better than those made of real wood. They have the same warm effect as wood, are just as easy to process, but at the same time they are clearly less sensitive to weather effects and traces of use. Our products are so unique that we have a patent on the oscillating surfaces of our premium planks, on the cooling climate plank profile of our wave planks and on the combi plank profile on all our megawood® decking planks barefoot. The fact that we are leaders in innovation is due to the fact that we invest in progress every day and are convinced of each of our products. megawood® – we are and will be the original.