Professional P6 diffusion open paint

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Professional P6 is a durable, diffusion-open, matt acrylic paint for indoor and outdoor painting of plaster, concrete, lightweight concrete, plaster, felt, tissue, etc.

The surface must be clean, dry, firm and infection-free before painting. Plaster, concrete and building board materials are puttyed as needed. For best results, untreated plaster, concrete, plasterboard and plastered surfaces must be primed with Professional Microdispers. Finish painting 2 times with Professional P6. Do not paint below +5 ºC.

  • Gloss: Matte

  • Packaging: 10L
  • Number of applications/treatments: 2
  • Drying time (hours): 1
  • Overcoat dry after (hours): 2
  • Clean tools with: Water
  • Tools: Brush, Roller, Spray