Dane-Wood Oak Prima Norplank, White lacquer

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Wood species: Oak (Siberian - Quercus Mongolica)
Dimensions: 14 x 189 x 1860 mm.
Surface: Brushed & white ultra matt lacquer
Wear layer: Approx. 3 mm. +/- 0.4 mm
Core: 9 mm. pine (Pinus spp)
Back: 2 mm. poplar (Populus spp)
Fas: Yes, on the 2 long sides
Assembly: Välinge 5G click system for adhesive release
Grading: Prime/natural, uniform appearance with minor occurrences of color and texture differences. Small bumps and minor color differences may occur. Max. cam size (live) 25 mm. Splinters max. Ø 20 mm. Colored splinter is permitted in 25 mm. width and 1/3 length. Putty with brown putty.
Underfloor heating: Suitable for underfloor heating.
Package contents: 2,812 m² - 8 planks